13 September 2008
After finding most of our "missing parts" we also found our Battrycage. It's almost gone, this is why we draw most of these parts in a 3D program so that we can lasercut it. Also started at our Haltrack M5, we cleaned it, and made a placed all the parts (that we first had to find) in a rack. The finished amourplates for the Priest in Breda
Here a detail photo, we had to fabricate a new piece to get it right. Look what we found !! No it's not a christmas present we know that we had it :P But it's always impressive to look at. Other side of the container, All the parts are now in the containers and most are easy to acces. As you can see there are 3 big gasoline tanks and 2 small ones sadly not all are rescueble. We are still looking for the left gasoline tank, the Fuel meters and filler necks
So as you can see, most of the mechanic parts to get it running are here ;) the .50 pullpit, we have to reshape (make it smaller). Also one of the many things we found in the baskets / container.