13 December 2008
Started to test fit the floor, looks quite nice doesn't it. When the hinges are welded on with the right clearance the floor will work like a harmonica.
We had to weld in a new steel strip cause the old one was badly rusted. We wanted to know for sure if the deflector still fits, so we tested it
Looks quite nice
Now is the deflector pushed away to the inside so that you can aces the engine compartment
View from above with the steel strip now fully welded in.
Made another headlight protection bar, for the Priest in breda
Ernest welding the boxes that are on the front of the Priest.
All boxes made for breda. There are exact replica's of the original pieces.
Worked on the covers for the boxes on the rear of our Priest. Also welded a protection bar on it, this will protect the basket (that is on top of the cover) when opening the armored engine covers.
Bolting the U-beams on (Normally a basket is welded on the U-beams)
left side, you can see the protection bar. We think this is a field modification, cause we don't see this in the manuals.
right side just checking with our old basket
Working on the floor
welding the hinges, on this photo it's upside down.
Glenn cutting a piece for the rear armour plate, The steel plate is for the one in breda.