1 November 2008
Ernest welding the "bend" in the gasoline cover plates
More shaft pressed out, lot of work but were getting their, sadly all shaft are corroded
Right gasoline cover in place
Ernest busy with the small gasoline covers (I made a drawing mistake so they first had to be resized and adjusted to fit)
left gasoline covers almost i place
close up, their was some work to get the new small gasoline cover fitted, due to a to narrow bend, I will adjust this in the old drawings to get them perfect.
This is how we found the engine room after a lot of cleaning , you clearly can see the gasoline covers
This is how it looks now, neat isn't it!
Here are the old gasoline covers, there are pretty bad rusted, but good as an example.
Also did one shaft more today, when I had some time left
Glenn did a lot of work to clean up the shop, so much more space now!
cleaning up the shop.