25 October 2008
Pressing the shaft did a total of 5 in a day, had to make a new tool because the other one was completely bended. Lot's of work but were getting their.
Made the Humber and Halftrack ready for the movie on sunday

Winston was there to supervise the entire mission, excellent job champ!

The steel plates for one the floor of the Priest, made 2 sets to have one for the one in breda
more steel, you can see the boxes under the floor, on the right you see the parts for the battery box, with breather application.
Of all parts I made one big drawing mistake, but luckily it's easy to repair / change
a closer view of the breather application. Also you see the plates for on the small gasoline tanks.
some parts for the bogie wheels. And parts for the air cleaner (we weld this on the original good parts of the air cleaner, you will see)
boxes for the tracks on front of the priest.