20 September 2008
Today we put the wheels from our Belgium friends on our hull, so that we could remove the last 4 bogies wheels and take them apart   Halftrack engine almost ready for test run, Glenn decided to first test it, before he put it in the Halftrack (cause of the engine problems the first time).
Hull on it's new wheels. It's much lower now and easy to move. Glenn working on the red diamond engine. Ernest and Ivo getting the first wheels out, Behind Ernest you see the first wheel removed, the rest isn't going to move with our muscle power, so we will have to use a press
Glenn also tries, but it's really stuck all bogies wheels on a line, first we had to remove all the bolt, which is a hell of a job after all those years of standing outside last one to remove the bolt, after that we thought that we easily good take them apart, but rust had find it's way in.
  All bolts removed but still no moving at all,we finally have devolved a technique with drives and heating. First you have to made some rome with small drivers and a hammer, after that you'll have to heat it a little bit up en burn the rust. Then a lot of lubrication (WD40) and some more hammering, the first one took us 1 hour to remove, second 20 min, with this method.