21 September 2008
Today we worked again, to get the bogies separated and install the engine in the Halftrack Started with some drawing of the gasoline covers. Almost finished all needed sheet metal drawings to get them made. This is how we left the bogies, still 4 left to do.
Ernest already busy with the 3th bogie, heating it up to get the plate moving Fabricate date of the bogie, month 11, year 1944 Sadly we had to cut one plate away, cause it wouldn't give one tiny movement
busy with the second bogie some bogging heating the plate up
  Halftrack team, finally ready to install the Red diamond engine. Priest team started with the last bogie, we won the competition! Ernest showing his excitement ;)
    all bogie separated, we only need to press the wheels out now.
  case with some parts of the bogies all 6 bogies on a palette.
And now the Red diamond is installed, finally back were it belongs.