17 January 2009
Glenn working
Glenn mounted the expansion tank, side armor (aligned), bottom armor and runned the fuellines
Ivo worked on the last 3 wheels that still had the shafts and rockerarms on.
Found out that with the press the wheel shaft broke, so we cutted the shaft of the rockerarms of. Now the wheel was still holding one rockerarms which is stuck in the wheel due to the wheelshaft.

Still Pressing didn't work so we had to remove the wheel of the shaft by cutting. (flames due to old grease). Why was this so troublesome? These new design wheels used bigger bearings, but still used the normal shaft. To achieve this they used a big spacer shaft, that slides over the normal shaft. This shaft got completely stuck to the normale shaft due to tollerance and rust etc.

All rockerarms removed sadly one of the 3 wheelshaft is still good (one broke on the press and one is bended). On the third rockerarm is still the wheelshaft attached, which have to be pressed / cut out. We will first try this with a 20 tons press if it still not moves we have to cut the rockerarm of because with more pressing power the wheelshaft will break.

the three wheel, the last one has a bended wheelshaft.